It is a unit for water treatment by Reverse Osmosis process mounted on skids with capacity up to 30 m³/h. Upon request, Revos units can also be placed inside equipped containers, ranging in size from 20 to 40 ft.
Revos units can be equipped with vessels suitable for holding 1 to 6 membrane modules with diameters:

2.5 inch
4 inch
8 inch
We individually design and manufacture each Revos unit, based on the specific needs of the customer and the work to be done.
Revos units are sized individually with the help of a specific SFW based on feedwater character-istics such as salinity, turbidity, SDI (Silt Density Index) and permeate flow and conductivity parameters. Once assembled on skids, they can be moved, disassembled and installed in special containers equipped to handle them.

These units offer several advantages, including:

no use of chemicals
no pollution
guarantee of operation for a long time
low operating costs
ease of installation with limited footprint
Permeate with consistent quality and low salinity values (encoded_tag_open of 10 µS/cm)<
Revos is the ideal unit for producing water of good purity with:

low salt content
low organic content
Free of inorganic molecular aggregates - colloids
free of microbiological charge
These units are used for the:

Preparation of feed water of industrial processes with low salt content, free of bacteriological charge, free of colloids
Desalination of brackish or seawater for industrial and potable uses
purification of industrial waste water
Recovery of water leaving activated sludge treatment plants



Grazie alle partnership con le consociate Movengineering e Princo, Filterpar oggi è in grado di realizzare impianti completi di trattamento acqua chiavi in mano per ogni esigenza.


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